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April 30, 2009

I was able to log in briefly last night. I ran 3 unrated architect missions which I didn’t care for at all. They had no plot and unbalanced foes. While I was running, PJ and I got to talking. He switched to Systemic Catastrophe, his bots/storm who is level-pacted with Zeus, my bots/storm. We were level 15. He told me that I needed a “meow” mission. I didn’t know what he was talking about. He found an 8-man team who was running one of these things, while I soloed.

I didn’t understand why I levelled to 16, right away. I was in the middle of a fight, and just levelled. Then I noticed that PJ was running with an 8-man team. I went through the 3 disappointing MA missions, and through them all, I levelled. A lot. In the span of about an hour, I went from 15 to 22, all from level-pacted XP. Whatever PJ was doing, it was insane. I didn’t get any tickets or inf from his efforts, but my XP bar just wouldn’t sit still.

My sister called and got me mad. Family stuff. I told PJ I was leaving, and logged. I logged in, briefly, this AM, and saw that I was sitting 3 bars from 26, so whatever he did was sick. I then ran a quick few missions to 26 and Assault Bot.

Work was a bit much again today (its been like that all week), but I got on, briefly and ran the first mission in an arc called Jidaigeki (117204). Its really good. I’ll post about it later, when I get to continue. Work called when I was almost done with mission one, because something needed testing. I’m going to get Joan now.


I15: Anniversary

April 28, 2009

Today is COH’s 5th anniversary and Issue 15: Anniversary has been announced. I hope I’ll finally be able to play (still clearing/renovating the house, and today, I’m moving *two* clients to the new datacenter). The image on the COH website includes a face that could very well be Reichsman, and the V is definately 5th Column. 😉 The rumor, for a long time now, is that Reichsman will be unearthed from the old Freedom Phalanx headquarters in Boomtown and will take control of the remaining 5th Column, and defectors from the Council and lead them to glory.


5-Year Anniversary of COH

April 24, 2009


The City of Heroes franchise is gearing up to celebrate its 5-year anniversary on April 28th. The event is expected to last a month. Details can be found on the following webpage: City of Heroes 5 Year Anniversary Celebration!

I find myself wondering, is the Anniversary Celebration going to be the same event as Issue 15, which is supposedly “right on the heels of 14” or will they be distinctly different events?


April 22, 2009

Joan watched some of John & Kate + Eight last night with my mother. I was making them switch back to Cash Cab a lot. Its an old episode where Kate had a tummy tuck. The sign said “Facemaker”. I laughed. No one else got it.


1001: Johnny Sonata and the Hitmen by @Ground Pounder

April 18, 2009

My Rating: 4 stars

I really liked this arc. It expands on the COV lore nicely. Your contact is none other than Johnny Sonata, and you’re tasked with helping him put back together his old band so that they can show people today what real music is all about. There are 4 missions, all for levels 1-54. One custom mob was used, at the end, but it isn’t overpowered at all.

Johnny’s old bandmates are scattered. One is in jail, some have been captured by the Circle of Thorns, and one left to join the Family. You go about recruiting back the old guard and convince them that they’ll live a lot longer in Johnny’s good graces.

Here is some sample dialogue that I enjoyed:

[NPC] Sid McKinsey: I just want a snare drum. How could I tunnel out of here with a snare drum?!

[NPC] Bobby Johnson: The Big Boy’s big hands hurt, don’t they?

[NPC] Hordeling Lasher: Are you a supreme being?
[NPC] Sax Malone: No man, we’re musicians.

[NPC] Sax Malone: Thanks. I think those cats have had too much catnip, y’know?

[NPC] Thorn Wielder: Byzantil is ready for his payment.
[NPC] Eliza Woodson’s soul: How about you wait here and I’ll write you a check? I’ll just float back to my body and sign it.

Its late and I’m not awake enough to detail this mission too much. I duoed it with PJ’s bots/storm and my own. We went in at 14 and hit 15 before leaving.

82946: Ancients by @Yeshael

April 18, 2009

My rating: 2 stars

Ok. I’m disappointed. So far, no one is doing anything interesting with the MA, at least on the short missions that I’ve been running. PJ joined me when I was 3/4 through with his bots/storm for this one (Systemic Catastrophe). We’re level-pacted, so he’s 13 as well. Its level 1-54, Villainous. There are custom mobs belonging to a group called “Ancients”. You have to kill all of them.

The description says “When you fight these ancient beings you will probably scream at all history books. And have nightmares of history exams.” There were no historical figures in the mission. There was no flavor text. The contact speaks like he’s 11 years old. Screenshots will follow.

83349: the Maryland Crab Saga by @Rocky Smashington

April 18, 2009

My Rating: 2 stars

Another complete waste of time. Levels 1-54, Villainous. Custom enemy group called “Crab Cakers”. No descriptions. No mission text. Nothing. 3 Elite Bosses with Super Strength; not soloable by a level 13 MM.

I’m tempted to 1-star it, but its not offensive.

83153: Get the money! by @Mace van Hoffen

April 18, 2009

My Rating: 2 stars

I’m awake for a bit, due to my passing out for a bit earlier tonight, so I’m going to run some missions.

I’m sorry that I picked this. There is nothing to this mission. Its for Villains, between levels 1-54, and is populated by Arachnos.  The entirety of the mission text consists of “Get the money” followed by a “Yay money” at mission completion.

73678: How the Tables Were Turned by @Ja’Mara Shadowblight

April 16, 2009

My Rating: 2 Stars (Mediocre)

Character: I ran this mission with Zeus (bots/storm MM), at level 13 on Villainous.

Story: There is the idea that a story is going on here, but whatever it is, it doesn’t tie into COV at all. Reading the mob descriptions, it appears that Queen Jax is conquering the world, Dark Schneider-style, but there is no reason as to why, or what impact it has had on anything. The mission plot centers around getting the “Roulette Key” from her, which she has stolen from “the people”. We don’t know the reason for taking back this key, except that it will “vanquish the terror of the queen”.

NPCs: I like the costumes that the custom mobs wear. The mobs don’t have a faction name (they’re classed under “My Custom Creations”, or whatever the generic name is). Each mob had description text, and none were overpowered or unbalanced. The Queen’s dialogue isn’t serious. She begins combat with proclamations of the player dying a thousand deaths, and ends with a search for cheap car insurance. I found her defeat to be anticlimatic.

Setting: Queen Jax is apparently trying to take over the world one cave at a time. For some reason, she steals the Roulette Key to accomplish this. I don’t know why we are in a cave, to begin with, and there’s nothing to interact with inside of the mission. On the plus side, the map is not large, so the mission goes by quickly.

Leandro’s Offline Mission Editor: New Address

April 14, 2009

Leandro moved his mission editor to the following address: