I was able to log in briefly last night. I ran 3 unrated architect missions which I didn’t care for at all. They had no plot and unbalanced foes. While I was running, PJ and I got to talking. He switched to Systemic Catastrophe, his bots/storm who is level-pacted with Zeus, my bots/storm. We were level 15. He told me that I needed a “meow” mission. I didn’t know what he was talking about. He found an 8-man team who was running one of these things, while I soloed.

I didn’t understand why I levelled to 16, right away. I was in the middle of a fight, and just levelled. Then I noticed that PJ was running with an 8-man team. I went through the 3 disappointing MA missions, and through them all, I levelled. A lot. In the span of about an hour, I went from 15 to 22, all from level-pacted XP. Whatever PJ was doing, it was insane. I didn’t get any tickets or inf from his efforts, but my XP bar just wouldn’t sit still.

My sister called and got me mad. Family stuff. I told PJ I was leaving, and logged. I logged in, briefly, this AM, and saw that I was sitting 3 bars from 26, so whatever he did was sick. I then ran a quick few missions to 26 and Assault Bot.

Work was a bit much again today (its been like that all week), but I got on, briefly and ran the first mission in an arc called Jidaigeki (117204). Its really good. I’ll post about it later, when I get to continue. Work called when I was almost done with mission one, because something needed testing. I’m going to get Joan now.


2 Responses to “Meow”

  1. PJ Says:

    You crotchety whiney old disapproving prunewhore git. You deserved a little forced PL 🙂

    I hate preSOs generally now, and have already played through storm twice and bots once.

  2. vishalicious Says:

    I forgot to turn off XP to see if it stops Systemic from levelling. If it does, I’ll love level-pacting and insist on level-pacting all of your new chars with mine. 😉

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