63 And 66 Month Veteran Rewards announced on July 17, 2009

July 22, 2009

TheOcho (formerly Moderator8) madeĀ an announcement as to what the 63 and 66 month veteran badges and powers will be.

63 Months: Honorable

In addition to the Honorable Badge, each character can claim a power that, when activated, will completely remove any map of Fog of War.

66 Months: Enduring

As well as the Enduring Badge, each character will obtain the following:

  • +5 Salvage Inventory Slots
  • +5 Recipe Inventory Slots
  • +1 Auction House Inventory Slot

Upcoming Issue 16: Power Spectrum announced on July 15, 2009

July 22, 2009

I have so much catching up to do. This upcoming issue has me very excited. The first itiration of Power Customization is bringing us the ability to change the colors of our powers, individually, as in every power in a set can be independently colored. Super Strength and Martial Arts have little of this, so they’re getting alternate animations. Some kind of “theme” can be applied to powers. Powerset Proliferation is going in, in a HUGE way. The Character Creator is being updated, and the ability to really fine-tune mission difficulty settings is being added. You can specify how large your “party” is, even if soloing. šŸ˜‰


The official announcement can be found here.

Earth Assault for Dominators is apparently a new set, initially developed as a test by Sunstorm, when he joined the development team. Back Alley Brawler said that Poison, Pain Domination and Ninjitsu are supposed to be on the list. He’s looking at Devices and Traps but they may not be done is time for I16’s launch. Demon Summoning may or may not have a customizable Hellfire Whip (now all we need are chains). Martial Arts is getting a bunch of punches (yay) and Spines and Thorns are each going to be able to use each other’s animations, which will be tintable, as well as another set of new animations.

Going Rogue website updated on July 14 2009

July 22, 2009

Some background information on the Going Rogue expansion was recently released. This is lore, not game info. Biographies forĀ Maelstrom and Desdemona, two of the featured side-switching characters being introduced with the expansion are available. A biography page for Tyrant is set to follow “soon”.

Super Booster III: Superscience Available for Purchase

July 22, 2009

From the official website. This was released on July 13, 2009.

You knew it was coming…and now it’s officially here. Cater to your inner mad scientist by purchasing the Super Booster III: Superscience pack–now available for purchase at the NCsoft store for $9.99!

You don’t have to be a chemistry or biology enthusiast to love it! Get your hands on new science themed costume pieces, emotes, and costume change emotes.

But there’s more! The Super Tailor is a new Tailor NPC called the Cosmetic Surgeon, located near existing Tailors and enabled through purchase of Super Booster III: Superscience. The Cosmetic Surgeon can modify your character’s height, build, body type, and even gender in each of your costume slots. Transform from a 98-pound weakling into a huge beast! Experience spontaneous gender reversal! These amazing things are possible with–science!

Go here to purchase Super Booster III: Superscience and get your mad scientist groove on!

Additional Mission Architect Story Slots Available

July 22, 2009

From the official website:

Just can’t stop designing Mission Architect game play masterpieces? Well now you can increase your repertoire! Additional Mission Architect story slots are available for purchase (1, 2 or 5 them for $5.99, $9.99, and $19.99 respectively) up to a maximum of eight slots per game account.

Note: Existing rules applicable to inherent story slots also apply to purchased story slots. Having one of your published stories awarded with Dev’s Choice will free up one of your slots but getting one of your published stories suspended will result in that particular slot being unavailable for the duration of the suspension.

What are you waiting for? Put those creative juices to work! Login to the character select screen and click on the “Enter Store” to buy additional story slots and then share your new design creations with your City of HeroesĀ® brethren!

Issue 15 went Live on June 29, 2009

July 22, 2009

DuringĀ my absence from the game, Issue 15: Anniversary, was released. Details can be found here:


Mission Architect Updates included with Issue 15

  • Architect toolbox allows players to better and more easily polish their content before sharing it with the public.
  • Missions can now be selected for both “Hall of Fame” and “Dev Choice,” allowing players to attain both badges. “Dev Choice” missions also have selectable reward types.
  • Enhanced searching and navigation options like key phrase tagging and arc difficulty display help players find the content they’re looking for even faster
  • New Server-wide Architect Chat channel
  • Plus several other features and improvements to Mission Architect

I’ve only just run a few MA missions, and I do like the new search options, and the ability to choose up to 3 descriptors for missions (from predefined lists). Missions can also be filtered for “your level” and text at the bottom of arc descriptions alert players if difficult options/situations are included in the arc, like mobs set to extreme, arch villains, elite bosses, and the like. Another nice option is searching with the mission’s completion status in mind. Arcs can be marked as finished, looking for feedback, and with other attributes which I can’t remember, to let players know their status. This way, you can be aware if you’re running a work-in-progress, or the final product.

Want to play a game?

July 22, 2009

Its been a while since I’ve had time to update this site. Issue 15 is live. Issue 16 has been announced, and the Going Rogue expansion has been announced as well. I’ve only been able to play a bare handful of times in the past few weeks, because of work on the house, but that should get better by next week. I just played “The Liquefactionist Manifesto” on a new villain (Plant/Thorns Dom) and loved it. Its the first mission I’ve ever given 5 stars too. I’ll play it over again and do a little write up for posterity as soon as I can.

Issue 15 Open Beta

June 4, 2009

I should have posted this a week ago, but I’ve been busy. The garage is basically done and theĀ basement is next. Anyhow, here are the Mission Architect-related updates from the Open Beta for I15. TheĀ list of updates for the entire issue can be found here.

Mission Architect Updates

Architect Toolbox

  • The Architect Toolbox provides new testing tools that allow players to better and more easily polish their content before sharing it with the public.
  • Enhanced Mission Architect Searching and Navigation options
  • Key phrase tagging and arc difficulty display help players find the content they’re looking for even faster
  • Missions can now be selected for both “Hall of Fame” and “Dev Choice”
  • “Dev Choice” missions have selectable reward types,you can choose between earning Tickets or normal rewards.
  • New Server-wide Architect Chat channel
  • The command to use the Mission Architect Chat Channel is /ma
  • Two new maps available “Grandville Beach” and “President Marchand’s Office”.
  • Other Mission Architect Creation Enhancements: New options for creating custom stories.
  • The Mission Architect User Interface now has a “Random” button so that players can search for a Random story arc.
  • The Page Display in the Mission Architect User Interface has been improved.

Mission Architect

  • Level Range per mission may now be set by the author in the Mission Architect. If the player does not set these levels then story arcs must obey the same level restrictions as what is currently on live. However if they set the level then any level range may be used, but it will conform to these rules:
  • A critter that spawns higher than the level range chosen will be brought down.
  • A critter that spawns lower than the level range chosen will not be brought up.
  • If there are critters outside the range they will display “Warning” messages instead of error messages in the editor. Additionally, Players will see a warning message on the arc if it contains higher level critters which have been brought down.
  • Comments are now gathered together on the client and are readable via the “Comments” button on your published arcs.
  • Collection Objects can now be triggered like other objectives.
  • The vendor will now sell random common salvage in both the ‘Invention Salvage’ and ‘Reward Rolls’ categories.

Mission Architect Custom Critters

  • Dark Miasma – Switched availability of Twilight Grasp and Darkest Night. Twilight Grasp is now available to standard minions.
  • Radiation Emission – Switched availability of Radiant Aura and Radiation Infection. Radiant Aura is now available to standard minions.
  • Mind Control – Confuse now available at Extreme setting
  • Illusion Control – Deceive now available at Extreme Setting
  • Custom Critters – Electrical Melee – Lightning Bolt corrected to red colored lightning.
  • Custom Critters – Energy Melee – Power Blast corrected to red colored Power Blast effects.
  • Custom Critters – Corrected Minion Ranged damage values.
  • Custom Critters – All ranged attacks added to melee powersets have been corrected to use the ranged damage table.


  • The Master Architect badge should now correctly state that it will grant charges of the Invigorate power, instead of the Vitalize power, when a player logs off in either a University or Architect Entertainment building.
  • The Rocketman badge should now have its name be ‘Rocketwoman’ if the owner is a female character
  • The Master Architect Day Job accolade badge should now show the player help text on how to obtain it once either of the Professor or Architect day job badges have been earned.
  • Ironman/Ironwoman badge should no longer refer to a female character owning the badge as ‘Ironman’ in this badge’s description.
  • The Soul Taker badge should correctly spell ‘Tarixus’ correctly.
  • The Wiseguy/Wisegal badge should no longer refer to a female character owning the badge as ‘Wiseguy’ in this badge’s description.
  • Villains who earn the Popular and Leader badges should have the badge description refer to the Rogue Isles instead of Paragon City.
  • Heroes that earned Villain only monster badges and Villains that earned Hero only monster badges during the 5th Anniversary have had these badges revoked.
  • Added text to the arena tournament badges that explains how you get them as well as how you got them.
  • Corrected the hint text for the Mission Engineer accolade. It should now correctly hint at the correct requirements for the changes made to Mission Architect badges in Issue 15.
  • The Leader badge will now have unique long help text for both heroes and villains instead of being the same as the Popular badge.
  • Fixed a typo in the Depths of Time badge description.

Mission Architect Badges

The Mission Architect badge experience has gone under a revamp. All series of badges that previously required an objective to be completed a number of times (Click on X objectives, Defeat X enemies, Play X Missions, etc.) have been reduced to a single badge that only requires these objectives to be completed once.

  • Example: You’ll now get the Ticket Taker badge for earning your first ticket, the Author badge from the first person playing your mission architect arc, and Recognized for someone rating your mission the first time.
  • This means a number of badges needed to be removed and requirements for some badges to be changed. Below is an outline of what has changed:
  • The following badges have been removed from the Mission Architect Badge list:
    • Adventurer
    • Plugged In
    • Escapist
    • Hardcore Gamer
    • Ticket Hound
    • Ticket Fiend
    • Ticket Master
    • Golden Ticket
    • Creator
    • Story Teller
    • Writer
    • Bard
    • Acclaimed
    • Illustrious
    • Renowned
    • Living Legend
    • The Chosen One
    • Discerning
    • Aficionado
    • Maven
    • Connoisseur
    • Button Masher
    • Impulsive
    • Unpredictable
    • Pressed the Red Button
    • Virtual Victor
    • Virtual Destroyer
    • Virtual Warrior
    • Virtual Soldier
    • Virtual Slayer
    • Virtual Button Masher
    • Virtually Curious
    • Virtually Erratic
    • Mission Seeker
    • Mission Investigator
    • Mission Detective
    • Mission Inquisitor
    • Mission High Inquisitor
    • Evaluator
    • Reviewer
    • Judge
    • Two Thumbs Up
    • Windfall
    • Bounty
    • Premium
    • Bonanza
    • Jackpot
    • Virtual Ticket Taker
    • Virtual Ticket Hound
    • Virtual Ticket Fiend
    • Virtual Ticket Master
    • Virtual Golden Ticket
    • Activated
    • Encouraged
    • Motivated
    • Galvanized
    • Hall of Famer
    • Builder
    • Constructor
    • Engineer
    • Designer
    • Master Builder
    • Resolute
    • Undaunted
    • Virtuous
    • Champion of Justice
    • Evildoer
    • Malefactor
    • Nefarious
    • Diabolical
    • Show Off
    • Hotshot
    • Went the Extra Mile
    • Overachiever
    • Architect L
    • Architect LXXV
    • Architect C
    • Do Gooder
    • Safekeeper
    • Savior
    • To The Rescue
    • Virtual Do Gooder
    • Virtual Guardian
    • Virtual Savior
    • Virtual Rescuer
    • Decimator
    • Obliterator
    • Marauder
    • Cataclysmic
    • Virtual Decimation
    • Virtual Obliteration
    • Virtual Marauder
    • Virtual Cataclysm
    • Eliminator
    • Liquidator
    • Executioner
    • Terminator

The following Mission Architect badges remain:

  • Thrill Seeker
  • Gamer
  • Ticket Taker
  • Author
  • Recognized
  • Mission Engineer
  • Early Bird
  • Admiring
  • Virtual Victor
  • Poor Impulse Control
  • Virtually Impulsive
  • Critic, Customizer
  • Bug Fixer
  • Energized
  • Among Friends
  • Heroic
  • Villainous
  • Workaholic
  • Virtual Victim
  • Payoff
  • Architect X
  • Architect XXV
  • Extractor
  • Virtual Extractor
  • Destructive
  • Virtual Destruction
  • Assassin

The Mission Engineer Accolade now requires the following badges:

  • Thrill Seeker
  • Gamer
  • Ticket Taker
  • Author
  • Recognized
  • Early Bird
  • Customizer
  • Bug Fixer

123782: Holy Canolli! by @Kuniyoshi

May 22, 2009

My Rating: 3 stars

I wasn’t engrossed by this mission at all, but the author definately put more effort into it than a lot of other missions that I’ve run. He included a custom mob faction, which I don’t see the need for, considering that they didn’t do anything really different from the Family or the Mooks. There have been a few mob-themed missions lately, now that I think of it. Much of the 3 stars which I awarded this mission is due to effort.

The story is this, a wiseguy named Stinky Carbone needs you to kill another mobster named Johny Rachinelli, who has put a hit out on him. Johny did this because Stinky put some dirt out on him to the fuzz to get himself out of a situation at a go-go bar. Anyway, he has you go in, off Johny’s goons and blow the place up. He also asks that you personally off Johny, because he has a tendency to survive anything.

Along the way, you learn that Stinky is also either something of a neurosurgeon or has mental powers, because he somehow lobotomized Johny’s brother Nicoli, who can join you in the mission. In his words, “I severed the lower part of his brainstem from the occipital lobe and… what?Ā A guy can’t have hobbies?” Actually, I liked that. šŸ˜‰

The custom mobs (heh) were nicely designed. I liked the costumes, overall. There was dialogue, especially from Johny, but I don’t think it was very witty. Still, effort was definately made,Ā which I appreciate.

Here’s the end scene from the mission:
[NPC] Johny Rachinelli: Alright ya mooks, time to beat up some old ladies and blow up some candy stores!
[NPC] Johny Rachinelli: Say hello to my little friend!
[NPC] Johny Rachinelli: That kinda hurts! You ever considered boxing professionally?
[NPC] Johny Rachinelli: Look, Let me make you an offer you hopefully cannot refuse!
[NPC] Johny Rachinelli: Drop him in the river boys.
He got me once,Ā while I was trying to take screenshots.

[NPC] Johny Rachinelli: Mr Stabby will have his vengence!
You have defeated Johny Rachinelli
[NPC] Johny Rachinelli: You were supposed to wait till mamma dies!

142607: Students of… by @Thelona

May 22, 2009

My Rating: 2 stars

There is a plot of sorts here. Nosferatu wants you to break into a school in which students are being engineered into mutant weapons of some sort and then capture them for his use, before they grow up and become heroes. He also wants their teachers eliminated.

A custom faction is in use in this mission. It consists of a male and female student, and a male and female teacher. There was a little descriptive text in their biographies, but it wasn’t very evocative. There was some dialogue from the teachers, but it was also very pedestrian. Overall, I didn’t care for this mission at all.

Oh, and Nosferatu speaks like Cobra Commander’s idiot cousin.