1001: Johnny Sonata and the Hitmen by @Ground Pounder

My Rating: 4 stars

I really liked this arc. It expands on the COV lore nicely. Your contact is none other than Johnny Sonata, and you’re tasked with helping him put back together his old band so that they can show people today what real music is all about. There are 4 missions, all for levels 1-54. One custom mob was used, at the end, but it isn’t overpowered at all.

Johnny’s old bandmates are scattered. One is in jail, some have been captured by the Circle of Thorns, and one left to join the Family. You go about recruiting back the old guard and convince them that they’ll live a lot longer in Johnny’s good graces.

Here is some sample dialogue that I enjoyed:

[NPC] Sid McKinsey: I just want a snare drum. How could I tunnel out of here with a snare drum?!

[NPC] Bobby Johnson: The Big Boy’s big hands hurt, don’t they?

[NPC] Hordeling Lasher: Are you a supreme being?
[NPC] Sax Malone: No man, we’re musicians.

[NPC] Sax Malone: Thanks. I think those cats have had too much catnip, y’know?

[NPC] Thorn Wielder: Byzantil is ready for his payment.
[NPC] Eliza Woodson’s soul: How about you wait here and I’ll write you a check? I’ll just float back to my body and sign it.

Its late and I’m not awake enough to detail this mission too much. I duoed it with PJ’s bots/storm and my own. We went in at 14 and hit 15 before leaving.


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