73678: How the Tables Were Turned by @Ja’Mara Shadowblight

My Rating: 2 Stars (Mediocre)

Character: I ran this mission with Zeus (bots/storm MM), at level 13 on Villainous.

Story: There is the idea that a story is going on here, but whatever it is, it doesn’t tie into COV at all. Reading the mob descriptions, it appears that Queen Jax is conquering the world, Dark Schneider-style, but there is no reason as to why, or what impact it has had on anything. The mission plot centers around getting the “Roulette Key” from her, which she has stolen from “the people”. We don’t know the reason for taking back this key, except that it will “vanquish the terror of the queen”.

NPCs: I like the costumes that the custom mobs wear. The mobs don’t have a faction name (they’re classed under “My Custom Creations”, or whatever the generic name is). Each mob had description text, and none were overpowered or unbalanced. The Queen’s dialogue isn’t serious. She begins combat with proclamations of the player dying a thousand deaths, and ends with a search for cheap car insurance. I found her defeat to be anticlimatic.

Setting: Queen Jax is apparently trying to take over the world one cave at a time. For some reason, she steals the Roulette Key to accomplish this. I don’t know why we are in a cave, to begin with, and there’s nothing to interact with inside of the mission. On the plus side, the map is not large, so the mission goes by quickly.


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