Issue 15 went Live on June 29, 2009

During my absence from the game, Issue 15: Anniversary, was released. Details can be found here:


Mission Architect Updates included with Issue 15

  • Architect toolbox allows players to better and more easily polish their content before sharing it with the public.
  • Missions can now be selected for both “Hall of Fame” and “Dev Choice,” allowing players to attain both badges. “Dev Choice” missions also have selectable reward types.
  • Enhanced searching and navigation options like key phrase tagging and arc difficulty display help players find the content they’re looking for even faster
  • New Server-wide Architect Chat channel
  • Plus several other features and improvements to Mission Architect

I’ve only just run a few MA missions, and I do like the new search options, and the ability to choose up to 3 descriptors for missions (from predefined lists). Missions can also be filtered for “your level” and text at the bottom of arc descriptions alert players if difficult options/situations are included in the arc, like mobs set to extreme, arch villains, elite bosses, and the like. Another nice option is searching with the mission’s completion status in mind. Arcs can be marked as finished, looking for feedback, and with other attributes which I can’t remember, to let players know their status. This way, you can be aware if you’re running a work-in-progress, or the final product.


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