Additional Mission Architect Story Slots Available

From the official website:

Just can’t stop designing Mission Architect game play masterpieces? Well now you can increase your repertoire! Additional Mission Architect story slots are available for purchase (1, 2 or 5 them for $5.99, $9.99, and $19.99 respectively) up to a maximum of eight slots per game account.

Note: Existing rules applicable to inherent story slots also apply to purchased story slots. Having one of your published stories awarded with Dev’s Choice will free up one of your slots but getting one of your published stories suspended will result in that particular slot being unavailable for the duration of the suspension.

What are you waiting for? Put those creative juices to work! Login to the character select screen and click on the “Enter Store” to buy additional story slots and then share your new design creations with your City of Heroes® brethren!


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