Upcoming Issue 16: Power Spectrum announced on July 15, 2009

I have so much catching up to do. This upcoming issue has me very excited. The first itiration of Power Customization is bringing us the ability to change the colors of our powers, individually, as in every power in a set can be independently colored. Super Strength and Martial Arts have little of this, so they’re getting alternate animations. Some kind of “theme” can be applied to powers. Powerset Proliferation is going in, in a HUGE way. The Character Creator is being updated, and the ability to really fine-tune mission difficulty settings is being added. You can specify how large your “party” is, even if soloing. 😉


The official announcement can be found here.

Earth Assault for Dominators is apparently a new set, initially developed as a test by Sunstorm, when he joined the development team. Back Alley Brawler said that Poison, Pain Domination and Ninjitsu are supposed to be on the list. He’s looking at Devices and Traps but they may not be done is time for I16’s launch. Demon Summoning may or may not have a customizable Hellfire Whip (now all we need are chains). Martial Arts is getting a bunch of punches (yay) and Spines and Thorns are each going to be able to use each other’s animations, which will be tintable, as well as another set of new animations.


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