123782: Holy Canolli! by @Kuniyoshi

My Rating: 3 stars

I wasn’t engrossed by this mission at all, but the author definately put more effort into it than a lot of other missions that I’ve run. He included a custom mob faction, which I don’t see the need for, considering that they didn’t do anything really different from the Family or the Mooks. There have been a few mob-themed missions lately, now that I think of it. Much of the 3 stars which I awarded this mission is due to effort.

The story is this, a wiseguy named Stinky Carbone needs you to kill another mobster named Johny Rachinelli, who has put a hit out on him. Johny did this because Stinky put some dirt out on him to the fuzz to get himself out of a situation at a go-go bar. Anyway, he has you go in, off Johny’s goons and blow the place up. He also asks that you personally off Johny, because he has a tendency to survive anything.

Along the way, you learn that Stinky is also either something of a neurosurgeon or has mental powers, because he somehow lobotomized Johny’s brother Nicoli, who can join you in the mission. In his words, “I severed the lower part of his brainstem from the occipital lobe and… what? A guy can’t have hobbies?” Actually, I liked that. 😉

The custom mobs (heh) were nicely designed. I liked the costumes, overall. There was dialogue, especially from Johny, but I don’t think it was very witty. Still, effort was definately made, which I appreciate.

Here’s the end scene from the mission:
[NPC] Johny Rachinelli: Alright ya mooks, time to beat up some old ladies and blow up some candy stores!
[NPC] Johny Rachinelli: Say hello to my little friend!
[NPC] Johny Rachinelli: That kinda hurts! You ever considered boxing professionally?
[NPC] Johny Rachinelli: Look, Let me make you an offer you hopefully cannot refuse!
[NPC] Johny Rachinelli: Drop him in the river boys.
He got me once, while I was trying to take screenshots.

[NPC] Johny Rachinelli: Mr Stabby will have his vengence!
You have defeated Johny Rachinelli
[NPC] Johny Rachinelli: You were supposed to wait till mamma dies!


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