181511: Cop Killer by @Black Vegetable

My Rating: 2 stars

This mission is fine for what it is: a run for a brute to solo or duo. As an actual arc however, it doesn’t pass muster. The premise of the job is that the cops have begun to generically engineer supercops. They have to be put down so that villains, such as ourselves, can continue to operate. The mission is populated with Cage Consortium guards, and by 26 (count ’em) “Super Cops” belonging to a faction called “The Law”. You have to defeat all 26 of these juiced flat tops, in – what I’m assuming is – an effort to divert our tax dollars back to their usual benign benefactors. No, actually, the mission just makes some comments about the air smelling like bacon and has you kill the Super Cops. There’s nothing else to it.

Each encounter is the same. As you approach, a Super Cop yells “Intruder!” You then defeat him and his backup. As he dies, he says “You have no chance to survive. Make your time…” I don’t actually know what he means by the second sentence. Whatever he didn’t finish saying before I put my boot in his mouth will just have to remain a mystery, much like why I chose to run this mission instead of just showering and getting ready to go to court to fight someone who I helped register a car for, who then racked up over $1,000 dollars in tickets, 2 years ago, before removing himself from the registration so that I could deal with the mess. We’ll see what the Hearing Examiner has to say about all of that though. I have 2 hours to get ready, so I’m off.

As an aside, I ran this very quickly, in the 15 minutes before morning maintenance today (Friday, 5/22/09). My new SS/Will made it to level 8 in the mission, with about 10 seconds to spare, as it completed.


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