173122: Call of Cthulu by @Assault Tech

My Rating: 2 stars

I went into this mission with my new brute at level 5 really hoping for something special, because I’ve been a fan of Lovecraft for something around 16 years. I was disappointed.

You’re recruited by a COT mage named “Shadow Man”. He explains that “The children of Longbow have acquired our sacred text. The fools remain unaware of the our text’s ancient power, we must recover the book before they discover it’s true nature. Lord Cthulu demands you recover the sacred Necronomicon. Bring the text to me that we may begin his ascension!” Yes, he has “the our” in that sentence, comma splices, incorrect use of certain homonyms and the like. I’m not going to nitpick though. I’m not a a super-powered grammar proponent, but I do feel that anyone who is trying to incorporate Lovecraft’s lore into a mission should be well-versed in a particular manner of English.

So, after accepting the task to retrieve said tome, you enter a cargo ship, fight Longbow (not their children, which could have been interesting, if they were being corrupted somehow by the book) and click the glowie. You gain a clue, which says the Necronomicon is a fake. The contact is disappointed. The end.

There’s so much that could have been done with this, even if Longbow were used. There’s no dialogue in the mission, there’s nothing eerie or unnatural happening. I’m actually tempted to try my hand at a Lovecraftian homage, due simply to this mission, so maybe all has not been for naught.

Dead Cthulu should stay dreaming. Its pointless awakening to this.

Dead Cthulu should stay dreaming. Its pointless awakening to this.


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