156876: Hunk-A-Hunk-A-Burnin’ Love by @Amelia Lynn

My Rating: 4 Stars

Nicely done. The mission description says “Don Mathias has been spurned by Lady Deseri, the object of his affections. He wants you to take her out. Quite an opportunity to get in good with The Family…” Running through this was like playing Romeo and Juliet meet Jack the Ripper.

The intro dialogue was a small wall of text, but it was all in-character. The Don speaks like someone out of My Cousin Vinny. He’s got an interesting jaw. There are two custom mobs, Lady Deseri and her boyfriend, Deago Caberone. Like in the Princess Bride, they have something worth living for. More’s the pity then…

The run was fast. You fight mooks. You then take out the two named mobs, above. The Lady dropped quickly. I can’t even name her powersets. She had a gun, didn’t like it when I hit her, and actually cried about it in a way that wasn’t completely emo. She runs, but Air Superiority and a bunch of Super Strength attacks made short work of that. When she dies, you see “you have killed a beautiful young girl, for choosing love over power,” in the chat area. Some people will balk at the idea of “killed”, because of how they RP. I liked it. It was villainous. It was tragic, brutal and villainous.

Deago put up more of a fight. He’s a Thugs/Fiery Aura MM. Without inspirations, my level 6 brute would never have made it. He actually killed me once, but that was just a setback. The Don made a request of me before I entered the mission, concerning him. “You may run into her precious wuss boyfriend in there. Bring me his… testicular virility. Yeah. Yeah, do that.” Here’s some sample dialogue from the mission:

When fighting Deseri:
[NPC] Lady Deseri: This isn’t necessary! You don’t understand!
[NPC] Lady Deseri: AHHH! I”M WOUNDED!
[NPC] Lady Deseri: Deago! My love we must escape!
[NPC] Lady Deseri: *sob*
[NPC] Lady Deseri: Oh my love! I am dying!
You have defeated Lady Deseri
[NPC] Lady Deseri: We… will always be together now…
You have killed a beautiful young girl, for choosing love over power.

When fighting Deago:
[NPC] Deago Caberone: It’s ok baby. I’ll protect you.
[NPC] Deago Caberone: You don’t have to do this, you know! I’ll pay you twice what he’s offering!
[NPC] Deago Caberone: This is insane! That old lech wouldn’t know what to do with her if he had her!
[NPC] Deago Caberone: Please! You’re making a mistake!
[NPC] Deago Caberone: NO! Deseri- run!
You have defeated Deago Caberone
You’ve managed to kill a young man in love and remove his… testicular verility. Good job.
[NPC] Deago Caberone: I.. love you… my darling… soon we will be together… forever…

Another thing that I enjoyed is that, apparently, the Don did really dig Deseri. He was all broken up about having to put the hit on her, but in a case of “If I can’t have her, no one will,” he did it, and he wasn’t happy with my success at all, come the end of things. Nicely done, Amelia Lynn. These are the kinds of arcs I like running with a villain, and you did it with one mission. Kudos.


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