153586: Natuu Investigation by @Stay-puft

My Rating: 3 stars

I ran this one with Jotara, my new brute. Tonight is a good night for quick missions. This was another well-put-together run. The writing was good, the action was quick. There were custom mobs and the mission had a plot. A drawback was that the mobs didn’t have custom info, but the mission dialogue wasn’t bad. It advanced the plot.

Initial dialogue

Initial dialogue

Its late and I’m going to bed, but here are some snippets of NPC dialogue before I crash:

This chick must have seen something. You hear her screams when you enter the mission:
[NPC] Elisa Harmon: Please, please let me go. I don’t know anything!
[NPC] Natuu Crusher: No witnesses!
[NPC] Elisa Harmon: Help, please!

A clue as to what’s going on with this Natuu bunch:
[NPC] Natuu Sniper: Round up this demon trash so we can convert their energy in the generator for the portal tap.
[NPC] Urz Minion: How dare you summon the Legion, You will cower and beg for your lives before this day is done!
[NPC] Natuu Sniper: What fresh hell is this?! Deal with ther intruders and throw them in with this lot.
[NPC] Urz Minion: More to feed on! DESTROY THEM ALL!

Confirmation. Simple but effective:
[NPC] Natuu General Kaza: We need more demon scum to power the portal generator so we can harness that power.

Boss fight, but not needed for mission completion. He was an LT to me, because I’m on Villanious. These were his final words, during the fight:
[NPC] Natuu General Kaza: This should provide some much needed entertainment.
[NPC] Natuu General Kaza: HA! HA! HA! You call that an attack?!
[NPC] Natuu General Kaza: Keep it coming.
[NPC] Natuu General Kaza: Not bad for a civvie.
[NPC] Natuu General Kaza: You must be allied with this demon scum

[NPC] Natuu General Kaza: You’ll never take me alive.
…and I didn’t. 😉


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