164709: The Rise of Legends from the Dark Forest by @Titan Princess

My Rating: 2

I ran this one-mission arc on Relentless with Mechalomaniac who is still at level 44 although she has earned enough XP to be level 46.

In this mission, you are recruited by Shadow Hunter to rescue Arctic Lycan from the Dark Forest. Lycan went into the forest to recruit friends to combat Madam Malice, but the creatures of the forest decided it would be more fun to keep him prisoner than help him.

The enemies in the mission are from a custom group called Legends of the Dark Forest. There was an easily-dispatched Elite Boss called Rancor, in one of the groups, and two rescuable NPC’s, Arctic Lycan (LT) and Amethyst Princess (Boss). The minions weren’t very troublesome, except for one called Frolic, that loved to run all over creation when damaged, and had the ability to rez.

I don’t understand why this mission is flagged as Villainous. There is no villainy being committed in any way by the player. Its a rescue mission, to combat what I’m taking to be a villain named Madam Malice, who is not actually in the mission. Mobs have no flavor text and the rescuable NPCs seemed friendly, and not villainous at all. I’m rating this low because, although there are no technical issues, I was annoyed by the Frolics running during combat (although I do see the humor, given their name) and because its marked as Villainous for no apparent reason.


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