160906: Amazons by Jessica Part 1, by @Sabrona

My Rating: 2

Ok. This is going to be something of a ramble, because I’m tired.

Sabrona actually put some effort into this, but it still has its flaws, enough that I couldn’t rate it higher than a 2, although I wanted to. There is a good bit of intro text to this mission, but its all one big mass. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are poor, but she definately tries to give some background. The description says that “a group of powerful women seek to change history so women rule the earth,” but there is no mention of that in the mission dialogue anywhere. I also don’t know why this mission is listed as Villainous. Its likely because this is the beginning of something larger, and the villainous aspects haven’t been added yet.

I ran the mission with Mechalomaniac. She’s a level 46 bots/dark MM, but hasn’t trained past 44. The enemies were interesting. I liked the costumes, and they weren’t over- or under-powered for me. Everything ran smoothly, until the end. An ambush of “Amazon of Nature” mobs spawned, and killed me, after I’d completed the mission. It was a group of maybe 6 LTs, all stealthed, possibly with Assassin Strike.

Mission dialogue was there, but was uneven. Some of it seemed to fit the attitude of a warrior culture. Others did not do so well. Following is all of the dialogue that I came across:

[NPC] Amazon: Scout Around
[NPC] Amazon Maiden: Scout Around I heard Something.

[NPC] Seven Heaven Soul: Are you a God is my sister alright?

[NPC] Amazon Queen: I can not stop dancing.
(Does this make her a dancing queen? She looked older than seventeen. Sorry…)
[NPC] Amazon Queen: Defeat me!
(During fight with Amazon Queen. I liked her costume, I think it was the Valkyrie set)
[NPC] Amazon Queen: Weak!
[NPC] Amazon Queen: That’s better!
[NPC] Amazon Queen: Thank you now I can join my sisters.

[NPC] Amazon: I can not control my body!
[NPC] Seven Heaven Soul: Yes, in the begining God loved us more than he created sinners and loved them more.
[NPC] Amazon: We are sorry we must attack you.
[NPC] Seven Heaven Soul: You have captured my heart and freed my soul.

[NPC] Amazon of Nature: You stopped our fun you will pay!
(That didn’t seem very Amazon-like to me at all, and didn’t mesh with the rest of the mission, sans dancing part, at all.)

Overall, I enjoyed the mission, but there were too many text and action flaws. If the mission creator updates this at some point, I’ll try it again.


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