150164: Assault on the Operative Compound by @Fat Tony

My Rating: 2

I ran this one on Relentless with Ruby as well (thug/storm MM, 39, but only trained to 35). The arc consisted of one mission. The contact uses Black Scorpion’s body, but doesn’t have a name.

Basically, the contact asks if you want to wreck things. You naturally do, by clicking on the acceptance text, and are told that Longbow has a group of trainees called The Operatives. They are together in a recon base and need to be punched in the face a lot. 

The long and short of it is, there is a custom enemy group called The Operatives. They have a little descriptive text, but are basically like Longbow, with more Wyvern-like costumes. There is a plant controller boss called Operative Greenthumb. There are stealth, medic, infantry and ranged troops as well as a drill instructor LT. This group is guarding 4 radios. You have to defeat them and destroy the radios. Once this is done, so is the mission.

The sumary one-liner was forgettable. There was no NPC dialogue. There were no technical issues with the mission, but, like so many others that I’m running, it had no real story.


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