25846: Freaks by @evil undie

My Rating: 2 Stars

I logged in today and grabbed the 5th anniversary badge on my Victory heroes. Afterwards, I switched to Protector and grabbed Mechalomaniac, my level 45ish bots/dark MM. I took her over to Architect Enterprises with the hopes of running something engaging. I decided not to do unrated arcs tonight. Somewhere on the boards, I’d read that 4 stars is the real 5 stars, because people keep 5-starring farms and the story-driven stuff gets pushed down.

So, I set my filters to Villainous and 4-stars. The missions I saw didn’t sound very star-worthy at all, but after a minute, I settled on Freaks, because it was Very Short.

This is another mission with no content. The contact (Fire Axe) has nothing significant to tell you, other than to go kill. The mobs are exclusively Freakshow Tank bosses. At the end, Fire Axe appears, as an LT, with them. I got too tired of it to actually complete the mission, even though I was in the last room. Poor spelling in the 2 sentences for mission description and send off, along with a monotonous array of the same 2 Tank Smasher and Tank Swiper bosses on a tech map just did me in.


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