55008: Take Down Seven by @Zarod

My Rating: 3 stars (Average)

This is the 2nd MA mission I played, and its a marked improvement over the first one. There are still details missing, but the run was enjoyable.

Take Down Seven is a 2-mission, level 1-54 villain arc with custom mobs. The contact provides some backstory, introducing each mission. There are rescuable allies and custom bosses.

I ran the mission with Zeus Ex again, a level 13 bots/storm Mastermind.

Story: A group called Ioxenic has moved to a new headquarters, but has been infiltrated by a heroic group called Seven. The player is recruited to help fend off Seven and purge their presence from Ioxenic’s ranks. While not rife with plot progression, the rescuable NPCs did each have (the same) one-liner when released from captivity, and I enjoyed having new enemies to square off against. Missing were clues and NPC descriptions.

NPCs: The contact’s dialogue had some spelling errors (homonyms), but communication was still clear. Custom mobs were not overpowered. The two groups, Ioxenic and Seven, were not overpowered for my level and the allies didn’t run off too crazily.

Setting: The mission used a warehouse map from the Cult of the Shaper arc (the Freakshow maps) and a warehouse map that I don’t immediately recognize. There was nothing to interact with on the maps, but they did fit the mission; the contact explained that Ioxenic had relocated their headquarters to warehouses (which might have been in the Rogue Isles, my memory is fuzzy).

Each of these missions is kill-all with boss defeats, but they go by quickly. The first mission’s map is very small and the second mission is large, but odd. The first half of the mission was populated when I ran it, and the rear was empty.


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