53614: Scorched Earth by @Atonement

My Rating: 2 stars (Mediocre)

We’ve left the apartment and have been in the house for about 10 days now.  I’m exhausted. I took a quick break from work and from cleaning to log into the game for a few minutes.  I decided to run an MA mission, and was met with disappointment.

Scorched Earth is a Villain arc, set for levels 1-54 and containing 4 missions. I ran it on Villainous with Zeus ex Machina, my level 13 bots/storm Mastermind.  The mission was bland. There were no custom mobs and no plot. The missions contained (respectively) Paragon Police, Arachnos, Council and Hydra.

Story: The contact tells you that you’ve been approached because the Death’s Head Clan have heard of you and have a job for you. For each of the four missions, he gives you a smidgeon of background info and then tells you to kill the person in charge. There was no flavor to the missions, no NPC chatter, no dialogue, no clues, no boss dialogue. Each was a meaningless trek to the boss.

NPCs: The mobs in the game were standard, which I have no problem with. The issue I have is that nothing interesting was done with them. They did not advance the story in any way except to give you targets to eliminate before moving onto the next mission.

Setting: The maps chosen fit the enemies. Paragon Police were in Faultline, Arachnos and Council were in their respective maps, and Hydra were in Eden. Nothing of note was done to draw the player into the environment though. I left feeling unsatisfied.

This might be an unfinished arc. I don’t know, but I really hope so. I left the author feedback explaining my rating and what I felt that the mission lacked. I hope that the arc is revised to give it some story.


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